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Women’s Jiu Jitsu Provides More Than Self-Defense It’s a means of physical activity, it teaches important life lessons, it’s fun, and it’s a way to connect with likeminded females and develop lifelong relationships.

Why women should train bjj?


Self Defense Benefits - One of the great advantages of using BJJ as a form of martial arts is that this sports relies on technique rather than strength.  The skills and techniques that you will learn, enables a smaller, not as strong prow to defend themselves, even against a larger and more powerful attacker.   Jiujitsu uses leverage, fluid movements, and body positions to control and take down an opponent. 

Physical Benefits - Great way to get shred fat and get in shape.   Jiu-Jitsu is a fun full-body workout burning tons of calories and building strength.  You'll work muscles you dint know existed and you will learn to use your body in way you never thought you were capable of using it.  

Mental Benefits - Mental Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for women are even more advantageous that the physical benefits.  It is a great way to burn off steam and relive the STRESS.   Jiu-Jitsu will get you in a positive mindset to handle the everyday stress of normal life.   Learning new techniques on the mat takes your mind off of whatever is bothering you.  Training with friends will put you in a better frame of mind, and moving your body to break a sweat is always a great way to boost your mood.   Research proves that physical activity can help reduce and prevent depression, anxiety, and several other mental health problems.  

Boost your Confidence * Feel great mentally and physically * Get in shape

Register and start your bjj journey today. 

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