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We are a Charter School Approved Vendor 


Flow Academy is an approved Charter school vendor

Martial Arts and the benefits and rewards associated can be an important part of your child’s school education. Our parents notice an increase in focus and self-confidence that leads to better grades. Because of that, we are delighted to see that the Charter School system seems to facilitate that. Join us now at our academy located in Yucaipa, Riverside, and Indio CA.


We are currently to be an approved vendor for: 


* Excel Academy Charter

* Mission Vista (Pending)

Your charter school funds can be used for enrollment in our kids and teens' martial arts programs.
We also allow parents to pay out of pocket. This can be helpful in case the funds have to be used for other expenses or during the summer months when some charters are off. 


Contact us if your Charter is not listed yet

We are continuously adding charter schools to our list. If your charter school is currently not listed above, please let us know here so we can become a vendor with your preferred California charter school.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our academy.

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